Christian Life Coach
I am a Certified Christian Life Coach with a passion for people to see their potential, purpose for life, and reach their desired goals.

Identify The Way Life Coaching is based on the belief that each person has within a Divine Grace, a call to action "to do" and "to be".

My Clients are people seeking to live life with passion, to develop skills for personal growth through kingdom realities, identity "In Christ" and to overcome everyday life challenges. Whether your challenges come in the work place, home, family, self discipline or other relationships you can be equipped for positive outcomes.

You are more than you think you are and You can do more than you think you can. Our lives are meant to be lived with passion, purpose and joy.

Every person has within a greater grace available to accomplish plans, goals, visions and dreams.

As a Christian Life Coach, my niche is centered on this....Our lives are not by chance or happenstance we can approach each day, every obstacle, all relationships equipped for success.

Acknowledged Truth and Actual Conduct will never be at odds with each other. Partnering together!

Making a better world one life at a time, one right decision at a time
What I Do
  1. Free Consultation
    Preparation for Coaching / Agreement and Commitment
  2. Personal Assessments
    DISC, Passions, Values, Spiritual Gifts
  3. Setting Vision & Reaching Goals
    Support in determining what needs to change, what needs to remain constant or unchanging
  4. Tools for Maintaining Change and Growth
    Acquiring skills for Self Discipline uniquely designed from realized truth for you

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